Your Move Burgundy

I hate Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Notice that I hate it, not that I hated it. I have yet to see the movie, but probably will this weekend. Regardless, I already hate it.

Ron Burgundy is everywhere. Books, magazines, news broadcasts, late night television, even commercials. Enough. Show me the movie. Get on with it.

The press run of Will Ferrell’s fictional newscaster borders on obsessive, but rests contently in annoyance. And yes, you marketing, advertising, and public relations gurus, I realize that the team who pulled a pillow case over the head of the American public and beat us to death with ads and media exposure to the stars of the movie have done their job. I’m going to see it, you’ve got me. In honor of people who can’t communicate their thoughts without the emotion-enhancing punctuation of exclamation points, three-thousand exclamation points preceded by “we get it.”

But there’s a Burgundy overkill that’s already damaged the movie for me. It won’t help if the legions of ESPN Spanksters and the ever-popular “guys who only know how to be funny by repeating movie quotes” flood facebook and twitter with their adoration of the film.

I don’t know if it will hold up to the original, (which kept me engaged with stupidity for a majority of the movie, minus the lost-on-me-hilarity of Ron Burgundy being served a pile of crap, no an actual pile of crap,) but I’ve got Ron Burgundy fatigue.

Were studio executives so worried about the success of the film that they sent Ferrell and company on a campaign that left no station untouched by his presence? Maybe Ferrell’s re-acquaintance with a fictional character proved too passionate, too hot and heavy that he can’t seem to shake his willingness to portray the character everywhere? Does the movie lack the blend of ingenuity, bizarre one-liners, and shtick overkill that the first movie perfected? Are decision-makers concerned the movie won’t do as well as its predecessor and have insulated it from any type of negative publicity by putting Burgundy everywhere? After all, who can go out of their way to badmouth someone they know?

In the process, there’s been too much Burgundy. His character might be all about self-promotion, but give the audience a breather, allow us a chance to view the movie without the weary guise of “oh this guy again” when he appears on every broadcast imaginable.

I’m going to see the movie to close the book on the whole experience. Hopefully, we can rest a little easier since the film was released Wednesday and Ferrell can slow down, give it a rest. Let the audience see what he and Adam McKay cobbled together and judge the movie on the content, not the hyper-intense media blitz that we’ve been subjected to for the past month.

As a society, the company line is to hate anyone who self-promotes. We want humility and modesty. Let your work do the talking, and please stand by it. Endure the flogging if it isn’t up to the excellence of what we expect. Don’t tell, show.

We grow tired of athletes who preen in front of the camera and celebrities who go out of their way to get noticed. That type of self-promotion cheapens the way we take in anything, movies included.

I will try my best to not let Burgundy fatigue color my judgment. I’m an easy enough mark. I bought “Summer Catch” simply because it was a baseball movie and in the discount bin at Best Buy. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for me, but please stop telling me about how great every last piece of it is. It will never live up to my expectations.

Your move Burgundy. You’ve been everywhere. Show me you warrant the ridiculous amounts of attention. I’m rooting for you, if only to stop showing up on my television.


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