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We didn't want you to break your Bobby D's out to have to read, but don't worry, the size of the font is currently being fiddled with.Thanks for the great start to day one, even amid the enormous font. For those who struggle with the smaller font please consult Ace up top for where to get some new specs. On two days out of the week I’m going to link up to the written word, lyrical word, and spoken word to keep traffic somewhat active on the site. One of the links will have something to do with a post later in the week, but we can’t spill every secret right from the starter’s gate.

The written word: Yea, “Homicide: Life on the Streets” and “The Wire” take up too much of my interests in television, but David Simon’s writing is a huge reason for it. In his piece about the Orioles Simon charts how he got here with the team from Charm City and manages to come off as cantankerous, yet endearing.

The spoken word: “I’m so excited I’m going to drop my pants and fire a rocket.”  

The lyrical word: Jesus Christ, one of his lyrics (not Jesus’) is part of the site’s header. Who else would get musical billing off Jump Street? 

Original post tomorrow, get your rest.


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