Nice to See You Again


Thanks for coming by. Drop your jackets by the coat-check and your keys in the fishbowl on the coffee table near the scented candles and oils. Hopefully you’re not paired with the club-footed woman. I mean she’s really nice, but… Okay, it’s not that type of site, or party, but after an enduring relationship with the internet, accrued wisdom says both worlds are only a few clicks away.

So why a blog? Why now? For one, the forum is much cheaper than therapy sessions and I’ll have something more to show for it than physical abuse towards a pillow or having imaginary conversations with a family member who slighted me once. No, the goal is to write on topics of personal interest. Mel Brooks said he wrote everything to please himself, and if the masses enjoyed it, that was an added bonus. The sentence was surely punctuated with a series of hand gestures, smacked lips, and noises similar to ones that emanate from a body after a night of Guinness and loaded potato chips.

The site won’t take on a specific theme. I don’t want to put a lid on the type of content to expect. The goal is to produce original work three days out of the week and fill your collective hearts and conscience with links on the remainder of days.

Lest I forget the grammar prudes, the name of the blog combines an emphasis on sports paired with the twist and tweak to the Frank quote (Sinatra, not Stallone) that he was for whatever gets you through the night. For Frank, that included vats of Jack Daniels and enough cigarettes to heat a small summer vacation town in the winter. For most of us though, night is a time to unwind and relax. The rigors of a Monday through Friday work schedule leave most taxed. The clicking and clacking on a keyboard, the necessity of buttoned-down shirts without a little taste of Maker’s, music devoid of explicit lyrics, it’s tough. The site gives you another bookmark to hit when it’s that vague portion of the day where it’s not precisely lunch time and you already went to the bathroom, but there’s no chance you’re about to do anything work-related.

Please, enjoy the site. Hopefully you check-in on a daily basis, but I’m not above being patronized by multiple page-clicks to drive up traffic. Enjoy, and thanks for reading this far. It will drastically cut down on your time in purgatory.

The best of everything,



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